Provides supportive programs and services aimed at preventing HIV/HCV and supporting persons living with and affected by HIV/HCV

Address: 47 Janeway Place
Telephone: (800) 563-1575

Fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experiences, strength and hope in order to solve their common problems. For schedule of online meetings, please access the website below.

Address: 183 Kenmount Road,
Suite 117,
In the U-Haul Building
Telephone: (709) 579-5215

In response to COVID-19 and suspension of face-to-face meetings, we have adopted an appointment plan to keep our First Link clients connected to offer support. If you could promote this information to those in your organization it would be much appreciated.

Contact: Sharon Brown, First Link Coordinator
Telephone: (709)-576-0608

Sandra Hewitt-Parsons is an accredited Art Psychotherapist who is currently taking referrals for in-person and distance sessions. Sandra specializes in trauma, anxiety and other mental health issues affecting youth and adults.

Contact: Sandra Hewitt-Parsons
Telephone: (709) 632-9464

Psychologists in private practice provide a fee for service model. Fees are often covered through private insurance plans and/or workplace EFAP programs. As of the 2017 AGM, APNL has made a fee schedule recommendation at the rate of $180/hour for individual treatment provided by a Registered Psychologist. Please note that some Psychologists may charge higher or lower fees. To find a Psychologist in private practice check out this link:

Find a Psychologist

The APNL was established to support the profession of psychology and its role in promoting psychological health and human welfare.

APNL supports the discipline of psychology in its broadest form. Most APNL members are registered psychologists, working in post-secondary, healthcare, education or in private practice. Some members may be graduate students of psychology and other members may be teaching psychology at the college or university level and/or engaged in psychological research.

Address: P.O Box 26061, RPO
LeMarchant Road
St. John’s, NL
A1E 0A5
Telephone: (709) 739-5405

Community agency offering programs, supports, services and outreach throughout the province for persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Address: 70 Clinch Crescent
Telephone: (709) 722-2803
Fax: (709) 722-4926

Community agency offering programs, supports, services and outreach throughout the province for persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Address: 7 High Street, 2nd Floor,
Town Square Mall
Grand Falls-Windsor
NL, A2A 2J4
Telephone: (709) 489-4190
Fax: (709) 489-0694

This search facility can be used to help you find a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) for counselling/psychotherapy services. These professionals have obtained our CCC designation and are recognized by CCPA as qualified to provide counselling services in Canada.

Find a Counsellor

Community agency offering systemic advocacy, education, and awareness of mental health and mental illness

Address: 16 Pinsent Drive
PO Box 542
Grand Falls-Windsor
NL A2A 2J9
Telephone: (709) 489-3302
Fax: (709) 489-3701

Community agency offering systemic advocacy, education, support and awareness of mental health and mental illness

Address: 70 The Boulevard
Telephone: (709) 753-8550

Servicing Gander & Area
Local Crisis Line: 256-7707
Toll Free Crisis Line: 1-877-800-2272

Contact: Executive Director – AnnMarie Connors
Address: P.O. Box 305
Gander, NL A1V 1W7
Telephone: 709-256-9306
Fax: 709-256-6130

Triage line for community-based services, available 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Mental Health and Addictions triage is a process to provide quick assessment and timely access to an appropriate mental health and addictions health professional.  Central Health’s health professionals have backgrounds in social work, occupational therapy, nursing and psychology. Using this toll free triage line, persons needing mental health and addictions services can call to refer themselves. Health care providers or other referral sources may continue to refer clients through mail, fax or phone.

Telephone: 1-844-353-3330

Community agency led by people who live with mental illness/mental health issues. CHANNAL offers one on one peer support, group peer support and public education and training.

Address: 878 Topsail Road
Mount Pearl, NL
A1N 3J9
Telephone: (709) 368-0279

Consumers’ Health Awareness Network Newfoundland And Labrador (CHANNAL) is the only consumer-led mental health organization in the province. We are a provincial non-profit organization that exists to build and strengthen a self-help network among individuals who live with mental health issues. CHANNAL’s aim is to combat isolation for those living with mental illness, to provide a forum for mental health consumers’ concerns, to educate the public on issues relevant to mental health consumers and to offer advocacy, social and emotional support to mental health consumers.

Address: 70 Boulevard Drive
Telephone: 1-855-753-1138

The Warm Line is a non-emergency, non-crisis telephone support and referral service. People with lived experience receive training to operate the service.

Telephone: 1-855-753-2560 or in St. John’s (709) 753-2560

Children, youth and young adults can text ‘TALK’ to 686868 to a trained volunteer Crisis Responder who will help with any issues – big or small. The service is free, confidential, and available 24/7.

Provides leadership in provincial policies and programs related to mental health and addictions in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Address: 1st Floor, West Block, Confederation Building
Telephone: (709) 729-3658
Fax: (709) 729-4429

Call or text.

Telephone: 1-888-709-7090

Doorways provides rapid access to mental health and addictions counselling services ‘one session at a time’. While most locations offer a walk-in service, some locations provide same-day, next day, or appointments by phone. Walk-in counselling services are available without an appointment or referral.

If further counselling is required, staff will work with you to provide access to additional services and supports.

Doorways is not an emergency service. In an emergency, call 911 or the Mental Health Crisis Line at 1-888-737-4668, or proceed to the nearest emergency department.

To find Doorways in your area, click on your region below or call 811 and a Healthline nurse will provide you with a contact number.

Eastern Central Western Labrador-Grenfell

Provides a specialized interdisciplinary program focused on the recognition, assessment and treatment of individuals experiencing a first episode of psychosis and their families

Address: 50 Union Street
Grand Falls-Windsor
NL A2A 2E1
Telephone: (709) 489-8841
Fax: (709) 489-8182

The Eating Disorder Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador (EDFNL) is a leadership advocacy group dedicated to promoting research and providing public support services and information about matters related to eating disorders, including information on available treatment services for individuals and families who experience disordered eating.


Address: The Carnell Building
13-15 Pippy Place
St. John’s, NL
A1B 3X2
Telephone: 1-855-722-0500 or in St. John’s (709) 722-0500
Fax: (709) 722-0552

The number of barriers to accessing services can sometimes be great, particularly for people with disabilities. With a focus on empowering the people to do their own advocacy, at Empower we help people build their own skills and determine their own approach to solve the problems they face. At Empower, we want to encourage independent living by helping people build their own skills and develop their own approach to the problems they may face.

Address: 4 Escasoni Place
St. John’s, NL
A1A 3R6
Telephone: 1 (709) 722-4031
Fax: (709) 722-0147

Flexible Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) teams provide treatment of illness and symptoms, hands-on assistance with daily living activities and recovery support for individuals, usually over the age of 18 years, with serious mental illness and concurrent disorders. FACT strives to ensure continuity of care and prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital by providing intensive services for individuals within their communities through assertive community outreach. To learn more about FACT in your region, please call:

Eastern Health

St. John’s 709-777-3974
Rural Avalon 709-945-6513
Peninsulas 709-466-5723

Central Health 709-489-4300
Western Health 709-784-6822
Labrador-Grenfell Health 709-897-2343 / 709-454-0326

The Gambling Help Line is a free, confidential service available province-wide, 24 hours a day. If you or a family member has a gambling concern, please call us for information and support.


Telephone: 1-888-899-HELP (4357) or 1-800-363-5864

Gander and surrounding areas

Telephone: (709) 256-4395

Grand Falls-Windsor Pride is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization that aims to provide an opportunity for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies to celebrate and advocate for the culture, heritage, diversity and rights of LGBTQ+ people.
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @gfwpride

HealthLine is a free, confidential, 24 hour telephone line, staffed by experienced registered nurses in our province who can offer health advice, information and connect you to resources and local services. We are always there for you at 811.

Telephone: 811 or TTY 1-888-709-3555

The Hope Program is for you and your family if you are 15+ and have been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa or other specified feeding and eating disorder. We are available to anyone in the province by phone and we are also at the Renata Elizabeth Withers Centre for Hope on Major’s Path in St. John’s so that you can begin your journey to wellness in a trusting, supportive environment. Talk to a physician or health care provider.  If the Hope Program is the best option for you, they can make a referral.

Address: 35 Major’s Path, Suite 101
St. John’s, NL
A1A 4Z9
Telephone: (709) 777-2041
Fax: (709) 777-2042

Provides specialized inpatient addictions treatment services for youth

Address: 15 Lincoln Road
Grand Falls-Windsor
NL A2A 2E1
Telephone: (709) 292-8360
Fax: (709) 489-6810

Provides three-week inpatient treatment for men and women 19+ who are experiencing a substance use and/or gambling problem. Individuals must be referred by an addictions counselor or other community professional.

Address: 35 Boones Road, Corner Brook
Telephone: (709) 634-4506

Established in November 2001, Interpreting Services of Newfoundland and Labrador Inc. (ISNL Inc) is the province wide provider of visual language interpretation services for persons who are Deaf and/or hard of hearing. We have a board of directors made up of our Executive Director and 2 other members who are freelance interpreters in the community. Input from the Deaf community was established through an advisory committee chosen by the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of the Deaf (NLAD).

Address: The Viking Building
136 Crosbie Rd, Suite 100A
St. John’s, NL. A1B 3K3
Telephone: 709-753-5621 (voice) 709-753-5620 (tty)
Fax: 709-753-5682

Provides opportunities for the rehabilitation of people involved in the criminal justice system through program interventions, public education, crime prevention strategies, and restorative justice principles.

Address: 342 Pennywell Road
Telephone: (709) 726-5500

Kids Help Phone offers free telephone and texting support to children and youth, 24/7 in French and English. Youth can be anonymous and will receive professional counselling, information and referrals. Call 1-800-668-6868, visit KidsHelpPhone.ca for online resources or download the Always There App.

Address: Toronto, ON
Telephone: 1 (800) 668-6868
Address: 125 Trans Canada Highway
Gander, NL
A1V 1P7
Telephone: (709) 256-5438/2813

Provides assessment and therapeutic counselling to individuals of all ages in the areas of mental health and addiction

Address: 50 Union Street
Grand Falls-Windsor
NL, A2A 2E1
Telephone: (709) 292-2246

Provides assessment and therapeutic counselling to individuals of all ages in the areas of mental health and addiction

Address: PO Box 209
Badger’s Quay
NL A0G 1B0
Telephone: (709) 536-2405

Provides assessment and therapeutic counselling to individuals of all ages in the areas of mental health and addiction

Address: PO Box 9
Fogo, NL
A0G 2B0
Telephone: (709) 266-2221

Provides assessment and therapeutic counselling to individuals of all ages in the areas of mental health and addiction

Address: 36 Queensway
Grand Falls-Windsor
NL, A2A 2E1
Telephone: (709) 489-8841
Fax: (709) 489-0114

Provides assessment and therapeutic counselling to individuals of all ages in the areas of mental health and addiction

Address: 83 Little Bay Road
PO Box 597
Springdale, NL
A0J 1T0
Telephone: (709) 673-4974
Fax: (709) 673-4970

Provides assessment and therapeutic counselling to individuals of all ages in the areas of mental health and addiction

Address: Cormier Avenue
PO Box 490
St. Alban’s, NL
A0H 2E0

Telephone: (709) 538-3738

Provides assessment and therapeutic counselling to individuals of all ages in the areas of mental health and addiction

Address: Hospital Lane
Twillingate, NL
A0G 4M0
Telephone: (709) 884-1370

Provides assessment and therapeutic counselling to individuals of all ages in the areas of mental health and addiction

Address: Baie Verte
NL, A0H 1B0
Telephone: (709) 532-5271
Fax: (709) 532-4632

Provides assessment and therapeutic counselling to individuals of all ages in the areas of mental health and addiction

Address: 125 Trans Canada Highway
Gander, NL
A1V 1P7
Telephone: (709) 256-5438
Fax: (709) 256-5667

Provides assessment and therapeutic counselling to individuals of all ages in the areas of mental health and addiction

Address: 394-412 Main Street
PO Box 1209
Lewisporte, NL
A0G 3A0
Telephone: (709) 535-0906
Fax: (709) 535-0360

Mental Health and Addictions Systems Navigator

Are you having difficulty navigating the system or connecting with a service? Our Navigator is a central point of contact for individuals, family members and stakeholders throughout the province to:

  • Problem solve so that you can figure out next steps
  • Consider options and find the right mental health or addiction service
  • Get help in making connections

Call 752-3916 or 1-877-999-7589; VRS calls are welcome


Contact: Mr. Barry Hewitt
Telephone: (709) 752-3916 / 1-877-999-7589

Private and confidential mental health counselling services are now available at NO COST for NunatuKavut members (ages 8+) during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is being done in partnership with Priority Health Counselling.

Visit www.priorityhealthcounselling.com to book directly or contact counselling psychotherapist at 709.699.3692 or priorityhealthcounselling@gmail.com to arrange your appointment today.

If you need immediate mental wellness support, call the national Hope for Wellness Help Line at 1-855-242-3310.

Telephone: 709-699-3692

Call now if you feel like you are unable to cope, are thinking about suicide or if you are unsure where to turn for help. The Mental Health Crisis Line is a free, confidential service for individuals, family and friends.  The crisis line is province-wide, 24 hours a day.

Telephone: (709) 737-4668 / 1-888-737-4668

Fellowship of individuals for whom drugs had become a major issues. For schedule and access to online groups in Newfoundland and Labrador, please visit http://www.nlareana.ca/

Non-profit organization providing information, resources, referrals and support on eating disorders and food and weight preoccupation to individuals with eating disorders and their families.

Address: 22 Elizabeth Street
Toronto, ON
M5G 1P5
Telephone: 1-866-633-4220

Community agency offering programs (neurocognitive rehabilitation), supports, and outreach (including advocacy, education, and awareness) throughout the province for persons with neuropsychiatric conditions/brain injury. Aimed at preventing brain injury and supporting persons living with and affected by neuropsychiatric conditions/brain injury.

Telephone: (709) 740-4794

The private practice roster is available for individuals wishing to engage the services of a social worker. Social workers listed here are registered with NLASW and meet the criteria for registration as a private practitioner.

Find a Social Worker

The Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries operates 94 libraries around the province.  Our materials on a wide variety of health topics are available on loan for free with a valid library card.  Our materials  may be available in several different formats such as regular print, eBooks and as audio-books.   You can apply for a library card online. Each library also has public computers that you can use to access the Internet.

Call province-wide for 24/7 support and information if you have been impacted by sexual violence.

Address: 360 Topsail Road, Suite 101
St. John’s, NL
A1E 2B6
Telephone: 1-800-726-2743 or 726-1411

Newfoundland and Labrador Association of the Deaf (NLAD) is a non-profit organization that provides consultation and information to the public, businesses, media, health care, government, educators and others on the needs and interests of Deaf Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

NLAD also:

  • Conducts research and collects data regarding: Deaf demographics, employment, and literacy; provides reports on information gathered.
  • Provides Employment Services to Deaf clients to enable them to seek, obtain and keep employment.
  • Promotes and protects the use of American Sign Language through sign language classes.
  • Provides ASL Consultation Conferences to the Deaf community.

Address: 33 Pippy Place, Suite 201
St. John’s, NL A1B 3X2
Telephone: (709) 726-6672

Help is available for you and your family if you are a youth or adult and have concerns related to opioid use or want help to reduce the physical, mental and emotional withdrawal symptoms.  Please don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor or a mental health and addictions counsellor about the best options for you.

To find a physician or counsellor

Call 811 and a Healthline nurse will provide you with a contact number.

Telephone: 811

This Facebook support group is for parents/primary caregivers of LGBTQ kids and youth – with a particular focus on support for parents with kids who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual or questioning their sexuality. This group is private and only people in the group can see who is a member or what is posted. If you are interested in joining this group simply click on “Join Group” and you will be asked a few screening questions or email parentsoflgbtqyouthnl@gmail.com for more information.

A welcoming and affirming peer support group for parents/primary caregivers of trans,
two-spirit and gender diverse children, youth and adults. In-person meetings and
online support are both available.

Pflag Grand Falls-Windsor is a local LGBTQ+ support, resource and education network that
strives to help people of all ages deal with issues of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. We support, educate and provide
resources to anyone with questions or concerns. It is a chapter of Pflag Canada (www.pflagcanada.ca).
You can find support by emailing, calling, messaging our Facebook page
or by coming to an in-person meeting.

FB page: @pflaggfw

Telephone: 1-888-530-6777 (ext. 584)

Fellowship for individuals identified seeking support and information on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Address: 89 King’s Road
St John’s, NL
A1C 3P4

Telephone: (709) 739-5145

Offers health education and promotion, health protection, disease and injury prevention, health surveillance, and population health assessment.

Address: 203 Merrymeeting Road
St John’s, NL
A1C 2W6
Telephone: (709) 579-1009
Fax: (709) 726-2308

A provincial phone line is now available for those receiving Opioid Dependence Treatment, for those seeking support for their opiate use, for their families and for health-care providers.

The Provincial Opioid Dependence Treatment line will help individuals navigate the system and connect with opioid addiction support and services.

The line will operate from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and can be reached by calling toll-free at 1-844-752-3588.

Telephone: 1-844-752-3588

Support is available to women experiencing domestic violence. If you would like help with safety planning, or just to talk, there are women’s centres in nine regions of the province. You can contact the one nearest you. If you are ready to leave a situation of domestic violence, there are Transition Houses all across the province who provide shelter to women and children fleeing violence. You can contact the provincial Transition House crisis line. If you are in immediate danger, please call 911

Telephone: 1-877-753-1492

Provides psychiatric assessment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and inpatient psychiatric care and psychiatrists on call in other regions.

Address: 306 Waterford Bridge Road
St. John’s, NL
A1E 4J8
Telephone: (709) 777-3021/3022

The Recovery Centre in St. John’s is open to anyone in the province who is 16+ and needs help while withdrawing from alcohol, drugs and/or gambling.  (You may remember this service as “detox”, but things have changed).  We now have around-the-clock nursing support and can provide medication to help with your withdrawals as needed.  Once you start to feel better, we have a counsellor and meetings to support you as you begin your recovery.

Address: Building 532 Pleasantville,
80 Charter Avenue
St. John’s, NL
A1B 4A4
Telephone: 1-877-752-4980

The Safe Harbour Outreach Project (SHOP) is the only sex worker advocacy program in Newfoundland & Labrador, operated by the St. John’s Status of Women Council/Women’s Centre. Our mandate at SHOP is to advocate for the human rights of all women who have engaged in sex work across our city and province, both on an individual and collective level. We have connected with over 250 women and in practice our work involves a great deal of individual support, outreach, and advocacy. This unique program was developed in partnership with women who engage in sex work, and everything we do is informed by the real experts – sex workers themselves.

For more information and to support sex workers’ human rights follow SHOP on Facebook or Twitter, visit our website at sjwomenscentre.ca/programs/SHOP or contact our two SHOP staff.

Address: 170 Cashin Ave. Extension,
St. John’s, NL
Telephone: 709-771-1077
Fax: 709-722-3184
Community agency offering education, support programs, public policy and research to improve the quality of life for individuals with schizophrenia and psychosis
Address: 18A-18B UB Waterford Hospital
Telephone: (709) 777-3335

For seniors and individuals who support seniors, SeniorsNL is a great resource that is available throughout the province to be connected to programs and services. Individuals can call 1-800-563-5599 for information or just to talk. SeniorsNL can also be contact via email at info@seniorsnl.ca or online at http://seniorsnl.ca/.


Address: 243-110 Topsail Road
St. John’s, NL A1E 0G5
Telephone: 1-800-563-5599

The Smokers’ Helpline is a free, confidential service providing information, resources, advice, support and motivational counselling while you are working toward being smoke free. We also have a text message support program where you can receive a text per day for 12 weeks.


Address: 15 Pippy Place, 3rd Floor
PO Box 13457, Stn A
St. John’s, NL
A1B 4B8

Telephone: (800) 363-5864
Fax: (709) 726-2550

Grand Falls-Windsor and surrounding areas

Telephone: (709) 489-8919

Take Home Naloxone Kits are for individuals who are at risk of an opioid overdose and for their friends/family who might witness an overdose:

  • Call 911 right away if you think that someone is having an overdose
  • Naloxone is a temporary medication that can save a life in the event of a fentanyl or other opioid overdose
  • Naloxone Kits are free and instruction is provided

 Find a Naloxone Kit near you:

  • Call 811 and a Healthline nurse will provide you with a contact number and location. The URL below provides a listing of distribution sites.
Telephone: 811

The Grace Centre is a provincial inpatient addictions treatment centre for male and female adults aged 18 years and older. It is a voluntary program for individuals who require a more intensive, structured program than can be provided on an outpatient basis.

The program consists of a 28 day treatment service that is holistic in nature and addresses the individual’s physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs through individual, group and family counselling. An extended stay may be available for extenuating circumstances.

The centre is staffed with a multidisciplinary team consisting of a physician, nurse practitioner, nursing, social worker, recreational therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, psychology and non-clinical support staff.

Address: Harbour Grace
Telephone: (709) 945-4500

Tuckamore is a live-in treatment Centre for 12 – 18 year olds in the Newfoundland and Labrador who have complex mental health concerns. Tuckamore is located in Paradise and the average length of stay for young people is between 6 – 12 months. The program includes individual, group and family counselling as well as life skills training, recreation, and art and music therapy.  Tuckamore provides a safe home-like environment, a school area, a multipurpose room, a physical fitness area and an apartment for family visiting overnight. You can also ask your physician, nurse, clinician or social worker about other supports for youth in your area (ie. counselling). If Tuckamore is right for you, they can help with a referral.

Address: 7 Mallow Drive
Paradise, NL
A1L 3A9

Telephone: (709) 752-3914

Community agency providing support to individuals involved in the justice system seeking support to integrate within the community.

Address: 21 Merrymeeting Road
St. John’s, NL
A1C 2V6
Telephone: (709) 754-1010

Provides peer support, education, information and hope for individuals recovery from addiction.

Address: 46 Powell Drive, Carbonear
Telephone: (709) 595-3223

Provides services and supports for all individuals with a Developmental Disability and their families in the St. John’s and surrounding areas

Address: 6 Logy Bay Road
PO Box 7114
St. John’s, NL
A1E 3J3

Telephone: (709) 739-6017
Fax: (709) 739-5532