I don’t want to kill myself, but I’d like to die, I hear of people walking the streets being hit by a car or a head on collision heck even an inoperable brain Tumor, the fact that I cry when I beg for something like this to happen is Crazyness, I also feel selfish cause I love my family, and this would only cause more pain… Sadly I hint at them about it and they laugh and take it as a joke, nobody takes me serious anymore, if I want to get better I have to remove myself from the situation either move from here or die simple as thAt, and to the people who ask about OD- ing don’t first and last time I tried that I was in so much pain and could almost see my heart poping out of my chest PUMPPUMPPUMPPUMP as hard and fast as it could go couldn’t even close my eyes to hope to fall asleep and never wake up, terrible pain