Eyeryone, i can promise you guys that its all gonna be okay, 2 years ago i faced name calling, bullying, self harming, and anorixa. I have gotten over it since. But when all that was going on, i felt like killing myself and my goal in life was to be dead. But no matter how many times people told me to believe them when they said “it would get better”, i woulnd listen and keep hurting myself. After. My 6th scucide attempt my parents took me to a thatipest and for most people it works but i just lied to her because i know that she woukd just tell my parents whatever has happened in there. So clearly that hasnt helped. But she did make me realise one thing, if i find something else then cutting to cope with things, i can live such a better life and right now, im a year and two months clean and im so proud of myself for that! But my point is, no matter what you think, yes or no, i know from personal experience that life will get better!! I went from a 52% average in school to the high 80%s. Because i tried and i beleaved in myself. Because i know that i only have one life to live and im living it to the most. Just stay stong babes. For me❤️. i know you can do this. I believe in you.