Play one of your favourite games

Listen to music you can relate with.

Breathe!!! Stay present and mindful.

I’d say just take out a piece of blank paper, and you could choose how to handle it. You could, a) rip it up in to pieces, or b) you could write down your feelings or c) just scribble all over the paper. Put out your anger and sadness in front of you and see what it looks like, and you might find it’s not so bad anymore.

i like to think about the ocean

Create art, find a hobby you love, go for walks, listen to and play music, and be open and honest with those you can trust.

talk to someone you trust

Just cry. Let your tears out.

Play Darts

Enjoy your interests

Enjoy your interests

Try fidget toys

Have a nap

Hug something or someone

Deep Breathing

Going for a walk

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

Spend time with your friends.

Stay calm and eat bacon!