Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

Talk about your problems with a trusted friend or family member.

Separate yourself from situations that are bad for you.

Eat healthy!

Colour like you did when you were a kid.

drink a cold glass of water

watch your favourite show and eat your favourite foods ☺️

Listen to your favourite song.

Take a walk in the park.

Go to the park and play on the swing.

Play dodgeball.

Disconnect for a while. Turn your phone off and do something you love. Give yourself one less thing to keep up with

If you’re get overwhelmed, take a break from the situation and do something else.

Take a 20-minute, recharging nap.

Play musical instruments.

Go fishing.

Get creative and let your feelings out through art and music 🙂

Things do get easier and better. Even though my depression gives me stress all the time knowing things get better keeps me going everyday

Spend time reading something that isn’t for school.