Play Darts

Enjoy your interests

Enjoy your interests

Try fidget toys

Have a nap

Hug something or someone

Deep Breathing

Going for a walk

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

Only schedule what you can handle. Being too busy can cause needless stress.

If you feel upset slow your breathing by counting your breaths in and out.

Watch or play sports.

Go for a jog.

Lie in bed flat on your back, tense (for a few seconds) and relax every muscle in your body starting with your toes and going all the way up to your eyebrows.

Meditate!! There are plenty guided meditation videos on YouTube, and even apps for it. You would be suprised as to how helpful it is.

Spend time laughing with friends.

Take a minute to stretch muscles that are tense or knotted.

Go camping with your family or friends.

Go to a library. They are always so quiet and peaceful.