Eat a small piece of dark chocolate (70 per cent cacao or higher).

Go star gazing.

Try to sleep

Report instances of bullying- real life or cyber- to an adult.

Have a game of cards.

Take a breather calm your mind put your music on blast and sing to the top of your lungs, whach the sunset ALONE. Do what you love and STAY AWAY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA.

Listen to the ocean.

Go sliding like you did as a kid.

Sleep between 8-10 hours a night.

Get your mind off of things.

Do easy homework

If you’re get overwhelmed, take a break from the situation and do something else.

Play musical instruments.

Get creative and let your feelings out through art and music 🙂

Spend time reading something that isn’t for school.

Surround yourself by good, positive people.

Take some tylenol (if you have a headache, which I usually do) and watch an episode of your favourite show with your favourite snack 🙂

Find a favourite quote, religious saying or verse, or song lyric that has a calming effect on you. Write it on Post-It notes and put them in places where you’ll see them frequently.

Read a comic.

Sit down and think about the memories you have with people that make you happy.