I’m worried that no one will care about me, that I’ll fail in class, and if those two happened, I’d kill myself.

I am worried that I will keep cutting until I can’t come out of ‘shock’

I’m scared to lose everybody I care about simply because they find out I’m gay. I have one adult I confide in and I can’t help but wonder if she’s the only person I’ll always have

I am afraid that if i feel like people don’t care anymore then that i’m going to kill myself and how it will affect those people.

I am worried I’ll hurt myself

I am worried, if I stop talking they will forget about me, and abandon me. So I talk and talk, despite how annoying I get, and how mad everyone gets. Because if I stop, I worry I’ll fade to nothing.

I’m afraid that I’ll be left behind and that I’ll never not feel empty

i’m worried that my friends don’t care about me

That I will never be “normal”

Failing mid terms

Going to school with pimples on my face

I worry I will fail at everything….

That I’ll always feel like this

I’m worried that I’ll never have a real friend. Someone who won’t turn away from me because of my mental disorders.

Being bullied in high school because I’m gay

The guy I really like will leave me because im not good enough

I worry about worrying too much

I’m worried about my friend she also suffers from depression and more, I dont want to lose her I really try to help but it doesn’t seem to work

My dad’s only nice to me when he wants something and I’m worried that’s how it’s always going to be.

I am worried that no one cares and loves me…