I worry that my feelings of sadness and despair will never go away

I worry that I will never love someone again

I worry a lot, but I worry the most about my biological father, if it was my fault he left, if I wasn’t good enough to be apart of his life, but one person told me that it’s not my fault, he’s just not ready to be a father yet, and probably never will be. I worry that I’m not good enough for anyone. That’s why I lose a lot of friends, also because I push them away, but sometimes I can’t control my feelings towards others, I try my hardest. But all everyone does is yell, get mad at me, or ask questions that I’ve already answered to. And my mood swings, that’s the reason why I have no one left, because I can be rude, I can be sweet, I can be sad, but when I’m anything but happy, I don’t want anyone near me, and sometimes when I’m in a good mood… 5 seconds later I can be in a sad/upset mood. I can help that.

Today I am worried that my grade 6 class didn’t understand the word STIGMA with respect to mental health!

I worry that Covid won’t leave so I have to where a mask all day for the rest of my life

i worry i’ll never be able to fall in love again

I worry that my dad is going to move out because of his ocd. He talks about it a lot and I get how stressful that can be, but no one else goes around screaming at the top of their lungs, because the counter has some water on it. I have a lot of anxiety from this, I don’t like loud noises and I hide away a lot. But every time, he says that he’s sorry, and I hate it. I hate that he’s sorry, because he shouldn’t have to be sorry. And my mother always says that it’s not him, its his mind, and I know that, I know, I just, it’s him that controls how he handles it. There have been times when I’ve had panic attacks from hearing his anguish, and nobody knows about that, and it hurts me. I love him, so much, and it hurts so bad to see him in such pain. But for the last couple of days every time he’s had an “episode”, as I like to call them, he’s been mentioning that he wants to move out and leave. And I’m not sure I’d be able to handle that.

I worry that my issues arent nearly as important as everyone else’s and that i’m just being selfish

I’m afraid that I’ll end up hurting myself for the first time in years now that I’m stuck in the house with my overbearing parents for who knows how long

I’m worried I’ll be like this forever

I’m worried I’ll never figure out what’s going on in my head

i feel like giving up

i miss my therapist and i am no longer able to see her as i have aged out. i have so much building up and i just need to talk to someone that won’t judge and will offer me support and help but i cant afford to get a therapist

I’m worried that no one will care about me, that I’ll fail in class, and if those two happened, I’d kill myself.

I am worried that I will keep cutting until I can’t come out of ‘shock’

I’m scared to lose everybody I care about simply because they find out I’m gay. I have one adult I confide in and I can’t help but wonder if she’s the only person I’ll always have

I am afraid that if i feel like people don’t care anymore then that i’m going to kill myself and how it will affect those people.

I am worried I’ll hurt myself

I am worried, if I stop talking they will forget about me, and abandon me. So I talk and talk, despite how annoying I get, and how mad everyone gets. Because if I stop, I worry I’ll fade to nothing.

I’m afraid that I’ll be left behind and that I’ll never not feel empty