I am worried that I will keep cutting until I can’t come out of ‘shock’

I’m scared to lose everybody I care about simply because they find out I’m gay. I have one adult I confide in and I can’t help but wonder if she’s the only person I’ll always have

I am afraid that if i feel like people don’t care anymore then that i’m going to kill myself and how it will affect those people.

I am worried I’ll hurt myself

I am worried, if I stop talking they will forget about me, and abandon me. So I talk and talk, despite how annoying I get, and how mad everyone gets. Because if I stop, I worry I’ll fade to nothing.

I’m afraid that I’ll be left behind and that I’ll never not feel empty

i’m worried that my friends don’t care about me

Being accepted because I’m gay.

That I will disappoint my family.

That my dad will die of alcoholism.

My rage and anger will cause me to hurt someone I love, my boyfriend.

I want to ask for help but I’m afraid my parents will brush it off and say theres nothing wrong with me, or I’ll be called an attention seeker.

That my parents will be mad at me when they find out I am dating an older guy.

Passing my midterms

My depression and anxiety will affect me to the point of dropping out of school.

That my best friend will find out I’m having sex with her brother

My mom will get mad because I want to live full time with my dad

I worry that I won’t pass my exams and I’ll make my parents disappointed

My mom will find out I do drugs! I can’t let that happen..

I worry that people will judge me if/when they find out about my bipolar disorder.