I’m worried that no one will care about me, that I’ll fail in class, and if those two happened, I’d kill myself.

I am worried that I will keep cutting until I can’t come out of ‘shock’

I’m scared to lose everybody I care about simply because they find out I’m gay. I have one adult I confide in and I can’t help but wonder if she’s the only person I’ll always have

I am afraid that if i feel like people don’t care anymore then that i’m going to kill myself and how it will affect those people.

I am worried I’ll hurt myself

I am worried, if I stop talking they will forget about me, and abandon me. So I talk and talk, despite how annoying I get, and how mad everyone gets. Because if I stop, I worry I’ll fade to nothing.

I’m afraid that I’ll be left behind and that I’ll never not feel empty

i’m worried that my friends don’t care about me

I am scared when I am alone.

I’m scared of high school everyone looks at you while you walk down the halls and all your thinking is I don’t wanna be here.

I’m in my second semester of collage and I’m glad I got through the first but it was really tough and stressful on me especially living so far from my boyfriend. I’m afraid that this distance is the reason why I’m not doing as well as I should be but I also don’t want to give him up and I’m not sure what to do.

Why I hate my body so much.

How depressed my friends are.

That my parents will find out I do drugs.

I am going to be charged will shop lifting, I didn’t do it but I was there when my friend did.

Its past midnight and I have 3 assignments due tomorrow not done.

I worry that I’ll always be unmotivated, anxious and thinking negatively about my capability of doing things. I worry that it’ll never get better and I’ll be stuck in the same place with the same horrible feelings forever.

That I am missing out in life because I spend to much time on my iPad

I worry that I will have a panic attack in a public place.

that I’ll never make anyone happy