I’m scared that I’m treated my boyfriend horribly, my ADHD makes my moods change in an instant and I don’t think he understands that. He buys me everything and does little things to make me happy, all the time. I’m afraid I’m going to lose him due to my constant mood swings.

That I will never be good enough for anyone and while my friends move on in life I will be stuck here with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts

If I’m not going to get the life I want to have in the future

One day I’ll fail a test

my friends won’t understand my mental illness

My teachers already don’t look at me like I’m smart. I worry that if I don’t get perfect grades on all my exams they’ll think I’m just a kid who studies too much. I feel like I constantly have to prove myself to everyone around me.

I am not accepted by my peers

I currently have zero friends and worry that I’ll never make any.

That me and my girlfriend will keep falling apart and becoming more distant all because my parents can’t stand our relationship. She makes me happy. But she’s so busy and they purposely try to separate us. I miss spending time with her. I miss talking to her. She was the only person I could talk too and now I feel so alone.

I can’t go swimming with my friends or family becouse there are to many scars on my legs

My boyfriend will find someone better than me

Just when I start to feel better, the sadness comes back.

This too shall pass!

Missing school because of anxiety

Everything just makes me more upset

I worry about my boyfriend, and if he will ever be happy again.

I worry that everything I do is wrong and when I do something right nobody realizes it

I’m scared to trust because everyone who I loved secretly didn’t love me, and they all left

I’m just scared I will have a panic attack anywhere for no reason

I’ve been bullied basically since I started school. I just never truly realized it until around grade 4 or 5. Back then I only thought people who weren’t my friends were bullying me. But just last year (Grade 10) I realized my best friends were my biggest bullies. They put me down. Made jokes at my expense. Ditched me. Ran off on me with my stuff at the mall. So I took it upon myself to end my friendship with them. But now I have anxiety because I’m still bullied. I have no friends in my class or school as a matter of fact. I’m lucky I have stuff on at every lunch because the two days I don’t are hell. I’ve had anxiety attacks at school and at home but I don’t want to tell my parents because I think that they’ll just get mad at me for it.