That I’ll never get better

i feel like im wasting my time , trying to get into a relationship.

I no longer have the energy to be me and people always point out that I’ve changed.. I don’t know what to do anymore!

That high school is killing my creativity.

Most people I know are aware I cut but they don’t know what I use and I’m scared someone will find my blades

There are these people at my school and one of them are a pretty mean bully They purposely do things and make it look like an accident

I feel like everything that’s ever happened to me is all my fault and I could have prevented it all by being different than I am

I’m worried that one day my anxiety and panic is going to become too much for my boyfriend to handle and he’s going to leave me.

It was a hard day at school, I knew it was coming when I smelt the alcohol, and the next thing I heard was “17 years and you’re still a joke”

Everything’s changing and I’m not quite sure I like it.

I worry about disappointing my parents they seem to never be happy with what I do and what makes me happy! This makes me upset

Are my good thoughts blurring with the bad ones to the point where I can’t even differentiate them anymore? Are the thoughts that I once thought to be good actually horribly self-destructive and I’ve been hurting myself this whole time? I don’t know. I honest to god don’t know anymore.

Sometimes i think about suicide and cutting and my boyfriend tells me to talk to him about it but when i do he just says you have a perfect life and itd be selfish if you killed yourself (i suffer from anxiety and depression) i dont know what to do

I haven’t had a good day in a month and a half i always tend to find something bad in the day to make my self feel worse, i have no motivation anymore to do anything but i’m too afraid of missing school.

I’m scared that if I make a worng move I’ll get bullied


That I will never find a friend, I have no one.

I’m failing math and close to failing science.

Worried that I am going to grow old all alone.

My sister cuts