I worry about everyone up and leaving my life, like I’m not good enough

You’ll never be perfect as your friends


I don’t know why everything is blamed on me

Life is stressful and hard and sometimes I don’t know how to deal with it all.

The end of the world.

People just assume you are lazy when your marks drop by more than 15% in school in not even 2 months, did you ever think i struggle with just trying to live and that comes before my marks?

Literally nervous about almost everything

I’m sick and tired of my parents telling me what cant say to them and then they turn around and say it all back to me! If they want me to treat them good, they should do the same to me!

Forever alone

That my parents won’t accept me when/if I ever come out as a transboy, or an athiest. We always argue because they don’t want their only daughter to be a boy because I asked to cut my hair. I wish they’d understand the burning hatred I have for my body and femininity.

My marks are getting really low and I’m studying and trying really hard but nothings working, then when I look back over my test I see that I made the simplest mistakes. The only reason most of my marks are 75 or more is because of assignments but what happens when teachers stop giving assignments?

I’m failing a class. I study and make notes but I just fail the test. I can’t remember anything and I’m really stressed out.

That I’ll never live up to my expectations

I’m scared that my stepmom might get violent with me and I feel really scared around her but I don’t want my dad to know because he’s really happy with her and I’m scared I might screw up their relationship and my dad might hate for it but I am really scared when I’m around her and I really think he should know and my psychologist had to call child services or something and now I am really on edge because he will aventually know and I don’t want him to get mad because I love him

Ever wonder why the Greek god Atlas was held with the burden of holding the world up alone? There are 2 stories about him, the first saying that he was punished to hold up the world, the second saying that he was given the responsibility to hold the world up. What if Atlas really represents all of us working together, and you get to choose if that’s a punishment or a responsibility! Well I’ll choose it as a responsibility and say that we will work together as one, but as one we are many

I worry that I’m gonna be targeted when his suspensions over

I don’t trust anyone whole-heartley. There is no one I know that I would tell everything to . I feel bottled up because of my lack of trust

I worry no one with ever like me again 🙁

my anxiety has been getting really bad lately…I act happy in school but I’m really upset. I tell my parents and friends that I’m fine because I don’t want them to worry but I’m not doing well at all…I don’t know what to do.