I’m in a controlled relationship, were we both have a bad substance abuse history and still do. I don’t know anymore if its love or lust.

That when I turn 19 and I don’t have acess to bridges or the janeway I’m just gonna relapse big time

I sometimes worry about my best friend….. I think she might get an eating disorder.

I worry that my parents are going to move our family to a new town so my dad can get a better job and I won’t be able to make new friends because I already can’t make friends in the town I live now

I don’t think one of my friends likes me very well… I have this weird feeling that he secretly hates me for some reason, even though I didn’t do anything

I’m worried the boy I like will replace me

My best friend and I get in fights sometimes and she gets really rude. Whenever I try to confront her or talk about it she avoids me. So we never work out or problems and she refuses to talk about anything or be wrong so everything keeps building up and I can’t handle it. She always makes it out to be my fault when It rarely is! I just don’t know what to do anymore.

My boyfriend flirts with other people but Denys that he does when I talk to him about it and I’m scared I’m going to lose him.

I worry that I will never be able to become a actress when I’m older because I have panic attacks when I get in front of class to speak but I really want to be a actress and I want to get over my anxiety so I can follow my dreams I never used to be scared to go in front of class until this year

I’m so worried that I’ll be alone forever. I’m always everyone’s second choice and it makes me feel pathetic and unworthy of a relationship

My parents saw my scars and told me to grow up out of it and stop being a baby. They don’t even know or care about what’s going on in my life.

I worry I’m gonna have a hard time in high school

i can’t talk to anyone how i feel inside because i have trust problems and sacred they will judge who i really am. it’s all building up inside and I’m soon not going to be able to take it anymore

Not wearing a bathing suit because people will see my scars

Pain It demands to be felt But sometimes it’s felt too strongly There comes a time when the pain becomes unbearable It begins to eat you alive It’s like a monster inside you The worst part is you can’t escape it It’s inside your head It’s in your mind It’s everywhere You try to run from it Only in the devastating realization that there’s no escaping this internal, mental pain You see this pain is more than just a scrap or a bruise from the playground This pain is in your heart Its in your mind It’s everywhere The scars on your wrists remind you of how you tried to release that pain How you ached for some sort of feeling Some sort of relief from this gut wrenching Unbearable Brutal pain. Until one day You’re gone They’ve lost you That girl who they once knew That happy little girl that they once knew is no longer there She is dead She is now just a walking corps of the human she was See that’s the thing about pain It destroys you -B. Ingram

I’m terrified that my grades won’t be good enough to get into University.

I worry about not being happy anymore not like I use to be..

I’m afraid that the U.S. will collapse, the value of the U.S. Dollar will plummet, and that the world will descend into chaos and that when we rebuild, if we do, we will still have the rich in power and corruption will resume under the guise of freedom. Because how are we free if we’re essentially forced to work anyway? How can we let the rich control even our governments and have over half the world’s wealth while it is we who toil to run it? Y’all should all go and watch metropolis on Netflix. You’ll see what I mean, plus it’s a great movie.

I’m worried about graduating and starting my life alone with no support from my peers or family

I’m sick of school. Everything seems pointless to me. I would stop going, but they just put so much pressure for you to do well or else you won’t have a future.