That ill never be strong enough to cope with my emotions

I’m worried that I will lose someone soon that I love

I’m worried about a lot of things!

I over think.. Everything.. And so with that basically I always cry ,yield to sleep at night.. I’m worried about this..

my anxiety has been getting really bad lately…I act happy in school but I’m really upset. I tell my parents and friends that I’m fine because I don’t want them to worry but I’m not doing well at all…I don’t know what to do.

My boyfriends depression is tearing him apart but every effort I make to try and make him happy just makes him so sad. I feel like I’m completely giving my everything I just want him to feel okay but it seems like it doesn’t matter how hard I try it’s never going to help. I just feel so helpless.

My best friend may have cancer.

That I will not be able to give my child the life they deserve cause I can’t even take care my own

I fine myself worrying about everything… Anxiety and lack of sleep don’t help. Hoping to work through this!!

I missed that much school in over two months either skips off or just ain’t feeling like going because knowing how the people are there making fun over stuff that has happened and coming home everyday almost because anxiety attacks… Stuff is pretty scary for a lot of us

I am a furry how do I tell my parents


Does anyone in the world please tell me on how to get a cute girlfriend?

I’m scared my best friend is going to pick her new boyfriend over me when I’ve been here forever